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Artista: Upchurch , Mama Church

Pieza: Fallen

Instrumentación: Piano.Easy

Otras instrumentaciones: Piano&Vocal , Piano.Solo

Géneros: Contry

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Upchurch , Mama Church - Fallen

If you feel like you're fallen
Tell me and I'll also make the leap
And if you feel like you're empty
Let me in your soul I'll fix the leak
Oh-woah, woah

I've been down and I didn't want to get up
Starin' at the sun, not carin' if I dried up
The whole world around me steady lookin' at a screen
People be like "Quit bitchin'" 'cause that's how they found me
But my numbers climbin', still don't forget to call my mama
And tell her that I love her, not bother her with the drama
'Cause tomorrow's not a promise it's a blessin' and that's honest
And that's comin' fr om a sinner so when I sleep inside my coffin
I hope you hear me in your dreams, hope you learn from my mistakes
Hope you open up your mind to the power nature let's us take
And embrace the vibrations of the freedom in the wind
Born to be great, make a change, and live it all again, uh

If you feel like you're fallen
Tell me and I'll also make the leap
And if you feel like you're empty
Let me in your soul I'll fix the leak
Oh-woah, woah

Rock bottom ain't bad if you need a rock in your life
Every great mind busted a block at the bottom, am I right?
Don't reply 'cause I already know the answer
I've lived so many lives some of the old ones I can't even remember
My eyes seen a thousand years, my body's seen 27
This is my year of fightin' the music industry devil
So when I turn 28 I'll take a shot of Holy Water
100 proof that you ain't got to fall inside the pit of darkness
You ain't gotta listen to me, I'm a speck inside the ocean
But I'm swimmin' in the water wh ere you ponder up a purpose
Take my insight 'cause I'm carin' as a individual
This life is complex, gettin' hard to keep it simple too

So on your way down
Don't worry about the ground
This dimension will give out
And will be light and sound

If you feel like you're fallen
Tell me and I'll also make the leap
And if you feel like you're empty
Let me in your soul I'll fix the leak
Oh-woah, woah
Woah, woah


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