Notas MoStack - Girl Diary para el piano - Piano&Vocal

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Artista: MoStack

Pieza: Girl Diary

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Instrumentación: Piano&Vocal

Otras instrumentaciones: Piano.Solo Piano.Easy

Géneros: Rap / hip-hop

Formatos: pdf, midi, xml

MoStack - Girl Diary

Yeah yeah yeah yeah, ooh
Might get me in some trouble

I had a booboo from Brum Town
Even brought the girl to my mum's house
Pay for the ticket when she comes 'round
Made her cry a lot, but I'm not proud
Fam her face looked sad when the tears used to run down
She fell in love at the wrong time, now she fell in love with a wrong guy
I said if I leave you, you would never cope, I left and she started talking foul words on periscope
But that's the next episode
My Dublin ting, blowjob gettin' crazy
She flew London, then linked AJ Tracey
These hoes are for everybody
It's not love fam, it took me eight years to fuck my secondary crush
But I did it and I liked it [?]
Two tings up in Brighton, but shorty from Hackney
Hot and she knows this, looks kinda Latin
Wouldn't think she was Polish, but she so is
I always fall out with my ting from Morocco
Then we make up, don't ask why, cause I dunno
And me and Mist used to talk to the same girls
"But that's what happens when you fall into the fame world"
Ayy, I drawed a buff queen from Dagenham
There's good girls out here
You niggas ain't grabbin' 'em
There's one up in Brixton, real name Jacqueline
She's tryna go far, and it's happening
You could try and get her, she ain't havin' it
She's focused on Uni, likes my music but she's far from a groupie
She's good and gorgeous, she ain't bad and boujee
She's from the hood too, street-wise, good yute
My Croydon gyal, got vexed she had to fall back
Cause I never replied to her texts, I never called back
My next ting from Woolwich, she was the best but
She got a new life and moved to Manchester
Big up Nicole, she liked me before the fame
Columbian gyal gave me brain, 'cause my name
My Asian ting from Stratford acts boujee
Used to have a crush on wambooty
Told kids, don't bring that gyal to the movies
Bring her to the block, swear it's hot like jacuzzies
My Norway ting was a virgin
Lots of eatin' me out
All the guys she's turfin'
I see niggas buying hoes about 24 flowers
Me and Allie fucked, ooh in 24 hours
My Hackney broad washed the dishes, and I liked that
Champ said all them other gyal need a dry slap
Kelly went and put me in a friendzone, I hate that
Only girl that can friendzone me is Jaylan
Why? Cause I'm a big deal in my endz oh
I put the gyal inna the friendzone


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