Jax Jones - Tequila Time (Outro)

This, this tastes sour
Hip, hip, hooray
Boom, boom, boom, let me hear you say, "Way-oh!"

So like, if you made it this far, thanks for listenin' all the way through
I feel like you deserve a goodie bag or a medal, so drop me a DM
And if you're at a barbecue or some other social gathering
And you left your preferred streaming service running through by accident
Sorry, but there's gonna be a bit of talking
But at least there's a fire beat in the background, so please hear me out, yeah?
See, my name Jax Jones come from a UK slang
"On your Jack Jones," meaning to do something on your own
And here we are at the end of my first album
And boy, mum was wrong
See, so many people came together to make these musical snacks and I wanna thank them
First up, my influences, shout out Pharrell, Timothy Mosby
Thomas VanGogh Ter, Guy-Manuel, Kanye
Armand, Mark Kinchin, Dizzee, Hot Natured, and Booka Shade
Your bass line changed everything, guys
I was still doing gigs for a couple hundred pound
Driving up and down with my wife just tryna pay the rent
And it's a journey, and that leads me on to the songwriters and producers and artists I've collaborated with
RAYE, Jin Jin, The Dream Team
Mike Dunn, Jamie, Martin Solveig, Becky Hill, MNEK
Camille, South London's finest
Mabel, Ina, Brett, Olly
Demi, Stefflon, Bebe, Jess
Tove, Madison, Will, Fred, Tieks
Boy Matthews, Steve Mac, wow
Special mention to the MVP, Mark Ralph
It's tequlia time, bro, 'rriba!
Lucian, thanks for always believing in me and helping me perfect the beat
Adam Diamond, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know what I know, so thank you, bro
I still think fondly about the music we made together
My whole team and the label, man, like Jamie Spiggs who took a chance on us
Dan, thanks for always dreaming big
To my family, to my wife, you're the reason we made it, babe
I'm thankful music has changed our life, but it wasn't always easy
So when people ask me what does this album mean to me
It's for everyone that didn't believe
That guy that said I couldn't produce, well, that ain't true
The guy that said I'll never finish a record on my own, that ain't true
I proved them wrong
So when you listen to this album, feel that positive energy in every beat, every vocal
I know no matter how far you are away from your dream
You can get there, fam

What you, what you gon' do?


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